This I believe Less is More

Grace - Hinsdale, Illinois
Entered on October 30, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

“Count your blessings don’t compare them.” My mother has told me this numerous times. I am guilty to say that as a child I always compared what I had to everyone else. It was as if I was living in a huge competition. As a kid, I received many things, but I still had a desire for something else. I thought that the answer to this desire was money. Growing up, I have learned that money can only go so far, but in the end, the best things in life are free. More money will not make you happier or considered more successful. More of anything can not give you more happiness.

Less is more applies to many things in life. For example, less perfume is better than more. Men say that less make-up is better than when girls pour it on their faces. Small gestures exceed over the materialistic things that many think are more important. It is the man who opens the door for you that you will always remember, not the guy who bought you a necklace.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have watched my father and his gestures. Every time my mom, sisters, or myself are about to get in the car, my father is always two steps ahead of us waiting to open the door for us. My father does not have many rules for us. They are no piercings or tattoos, only one ring on each hand, and never date any one that does not open the door for you. Growing up with these rules, I have learned to not only notice, but appreciate the people that will spend that extra minute to hold the door open for you.

It always feels good to be acknowledged for the small stuff you do. The most important things go unnoticed when people only appreciate the big stuff. I believe that you have to live for the small details in life that some people are not aware of, and that will bring you happiness. Happiness comes in the smallest places, and those who are truly happy believe that they can find more in less.