Internal Locus of Control

Tony - San Diego, California
Entered on October 30, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Looking at my surroundings, it is hard not to find it very astonishing that there are numerous people who are very successful in the business world considering that our nation is facing somewhat of a recession. However, success can be defined very broadly depending on a person’s perspective. My definition of success consists of wealth and the means of obtaining it. The desire of having wealth has motivated me since childhood to take necessary steps in order to achieve my goals and be successful. Though I am far from accomplishing my goals, I’ve realized that the foundation of my vision is based on the idea of having an internal locus of control. Having an internal locus of control simply means that we believe we are in control of what happens to us. Characteristics such as being optimistic, persistency, and having the ability to accommodate to change support the idea of having an internal locus of control.

Maintaining a positive outlook when placed in complicated situations sounds straightforward, but it is very difficult to accomplish when we are placed in a society that has plenty of negativity. Growing up, my father always told me to be prepared for the worse. As an adolescent, I didn’t take much of what he said to mind. But shortly after he said that, he disappeared out of my life. It was tough trying to fill in his shoes, but I had to learn quickly in order to help my mother run the family business. At that moment of my life, my emotions took over and it was easier just to give up. Looking back, had I known that keeping an optimistic perspective can make reality easier to cope with and maybe even help keep my mind clear. There is no doubt that I would have made smarter decisions that possibly may even lead to unforeseen opportunities. Also, the avatar that I would have portrayed would have been apparent to my mother which might even help her cope with the divorce.

The next characteristic that is aligned with an internal locus of control is persistency. Everyone has learned from grade school that practice makes perfect. It is very important to carry on this belief on the road to success because it can be a very bumpy ride. I’ve personally witnessed my parents go from rags to riches, back to rags then back to riches. It’s a vicious cycle that rarely can be avoided. But the main point of persistency is that it pushes you to move forward regardless of what happens. I remember after my father left, it was hard dealing with business professionals because I was so young. But between my mother and me, I was the better candidate because my English was superior to hers. So I strived to keep myself up to par by keeping in mind that persistency is essentially trial and error.

The final characteristic that is associated with an internal locus of control is having the capability to be adaptable to changing times. As we all know this world is forever changing and it waits for no one. But in order for change to be aligned with an internal locus of control, it should be a controlled variance. Of course there are variables that can’t be controlled, but forecasting the change and making adjustments accordingly portray the capability to be adaptable to changing times. For instance, if I had known that my father was going to leave, I would have been more prepared to face the real world. Thought that wasn’t the case, things fell in place because I made faster adjustments.

In general, we control our fate and in a recession we should utilize this mentality to help us recover. Being positive, being, persistent, and being adaptable all enhance the belief that we are in charge of our fate. Staying positive helps keep your mind clear and motivates others to all work together harmoniously. Being persistent and continuously moving forward will always give you different results because you are always striving for success. Being able to adapt is also necessary because things change, technology advances. All these combined with an internal locus of control has helped guided my path towards wealth and success.