I Have Been Found

Brittany - Telford, Tennessee
Entered on October 30, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe: that I have found the place where I belong. It hasn’t been an easy road for me. If I was going to describe my life using two words before I was found, those words would be “a wreck”! Not only did I have a couple, ok more than a handful, but I also lived my life stressed-out, anxious, and irresponsible. Now it is different, I really have no excuse for my laziness. I have been rescued. This doesn’t mean that from time to time I will not be lazy, sloppy, disrespectful, and dishonest. The difference between now and then is that no matter what I get myself into I am promised a way out! There is one that loves me, loves me so much that when I did not know Him, He found me! Now He is mine and I am His. There is no one else I would rather be found by. His love is so sweet.

It is kind of like the childhood game hide and seek; I find myself running and hiding from Him just so He can find me. This I believe: that I have found the place where I belong. Now that I am found, I am more effective. I know that life has a bigger picture than red high heels and highlights. As a 21 year old young woman I can be intrigued by these material things. But I know these things are replaceable and not lasting. But the love that I receive from Him who has found me is never ending and everlasting. This love gives me a reason to live day to day.

Wearing a new out-fit can make you feel like a million bucks when worn the first time. After a couple weeks you find that dazzling out-fit that made you sparkle in the spot-light now wadded up in the floor. It has lost its value. I found the place where my sparkle never loses its shimmer, because the light is always shining on it. This light I am talking about, this place where I belong is in the arms of Christ. I fail at life; He loves me. I fail a test; He loves me. I am dishonest; He loves me. I forget how to love myself; He still loves me. He is the only one in life I believe with all my heart that can look past my ugliness and still love me. Try Him, I dare you! This I believe: that I have found the place where I belong.