taking risks

Casey - Tempe, Arizona
Entered on October 30, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: fear, parenthood

Growing up my mom let me try everything. She was not overprotective of me at all. When my family went camping or hiking I was always the kid climbing up rocks and jumping off them, who would walk uncomfortably close to the edge of the cliff. Activities that would make any parent uncomfortably nervous. At the Grand Canyon I always had to be right on the edge of the canyon. My mom just sat back and let me engage in these unsafe activities. She was not being a horrible mother; by doing this she taught me an important lesson. Do not be afraid to take risks.

My childhood was very interesting. My parents took the training wheels of my bike and pushed me down a hill. When I was only three my parents simply pushed me into a pool and that is how I learned to swim. Since I was so tall I was able to go on roller coaster at a young age. That meant my mom urging me through the lines at amusement parks. The reward was well worth the risk in all of these cases. Speeding down a hill with no training wheels, feeling weightlessness in a pool, and roller coaster rides were the most fun a four year old could have. All these experiences I would not have enjoyed and experienced if it was not for my parents. If my parents had only worried about what could have gone wrong I would have never learned this important life lesson: risks need to be taken to fully enjoy life. My parents raised me to have a life worth living.

I always hear stories about the overprotective parent. How a parent loses a child in an accident and then becomes overprotective of the other children. I understand that it is a horrible thing to lose a son or daughter. Still parents should not deprive their other children of experiences that they would not experience unless they did not take chances. Not letting children go out and make their own decisions only hurts them.

Now that I am older I believe that my parents taught me the right way to view life. They taught me to be fearless of the unknown. Not worrying about the hazards when the reward means so much more. I can not imagine what I would be like if I had never ridden the bike, never jumped into the pool or never stepped onto the roller coasters. I do not look at the worst case scenario when the worst case scenario is almost impossible to happen. I will never miss out on an opportunity because of fear.