Living in the

Julio - Mesquite, Texas
Entered on October 29, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

It has never been my place to criticize others, but as I sit here and ponder about the actions that society has been faulted with, I have arrived at the conclusion that they often lack a certain kindness. Words like “gangs,” “rape,” and “murder” resound in my ears every time I watch the news, but although people at times do not appear to act civilized, there must exist something that makes the world a better place for everyone. I believe in mankind’s compassion, and while it feels nonexistent at this moment in time, I know it lies deep within everyone’s conscience waiting for the opportunity to be bestowed upon the world.

I believe in my own compassion. I am the type of person that usually works for himself; there is only one focused thought in my mind: my success. And although these attributes may give my character the impression of a self-centered or avaricious person, I try my best to empathize with others. I tend to prioritize my time in favor of my academics, and while this does not necessarily signify a negative quality, I get caught up in my work. I pride myself in my ability to accomplish all my tasks without breaking a sweat (most of the time). This sometimes does not bode well in front of my friends who share the difficulty of the same tasks, yet sometimes struggle to accomplish them. I feel concerned for their success, even though they may think I am only in it for myself. I try to help them whenever I think that my aid will be beneficial, hoping they will recognize my good intentions. I would like to think that I am a reliable friend, ready to support them when they need it. Still, I do not offer them my time completely, and I could try harder to assist them, but I feel that my thought and spirit always stays in their favor in whatever they aspire.

Sometimes kindness is more evident in others’ actions than they are in mine, especially in my parents. They have always sacrificed themselves in order to make me feel satisfied and comfortable. To me, they have no imperfections. My parents live their daily lives focused on earning a means of support for our family. This makes them the best example of selfless people in the world. They work day in and day out to have enough income to provide for me, and now that I will be enrolling in a university, the strain of the their occupations will become much harder, giving them more responsibilities. They rarely put themselves before others, always tending to everyone’s needs, whether mine or other family members. My parents are the epitome of compassion; they personify all of its elements, from their altruistic work ethic to their noble deeds.

Strangers can have the most generous attitudes of all. A man who is willing to support a worldwide crisis by donating time and money is the most charitable being on this earth. To others, however, it is smaller acts of kindness that can make anyone’s day. Greeting a random person in the streets should not appear disturbing or threatening, but as a good-natured act of friendliness. Many people commit mistakes in the world, some more severe than others, but kindhearted behavior comes one in a million. I assume that everyone cares about one person in their lives, and this person inspires them to sympathize others, allowing them to feel compassion. Strangers hold the potential to help heal the world through their solicitude and warmhearted actions towards other individuals in order to receive the same in return.

Compassion is a big word for some; they cannot fathom fulfilling this extremely immense duty, but without it the world is doomed to suffer the crimes of humanity. Kindness once realized, has the most satisfying rewards. The act of expressing empathy, concern, and compassion is ingrained in everyone’s heat and allows people to help one another: this I believe.