I am God and so are you

John - Katy, Texas
Entered on October 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I am a being of nothing. Created for no significant purpose and live on this earth for no higher reason then to choose a destiny that was not bestowed upon me, but rather a destiny that has yet to be written. I am nothing in preparation for everything. I am God and so are you.

I remember listening full-heartedly to the teachers at catholic school speak of God’s love for us and his desperation to be loved in return. I began to think hard on my doubts and suspicion of these odd fictitious tales telling of God’s wrath on the non-believers. I would ignore my doubts in desperation to believe in this higher power.

The power of denial is a significant thing. The brain’s will to believe out of desperation to give answers to the unanswerable astonished me completely when I realized I had fallen victim to religions sacred false truths.

Out of a desperation for answers, I decided to read the fundamental teachings of all basic Christian structure, the Bible. As I picked up this all telling book, expecting answers to my curious mind, I began to think of God’s love and desire for us to push forward to a more knowledgeable life filled with glory and dedication to his existence. I began to think of how my preacher told me that our purpose in life is to love and live for God. That the only reason I am here is because a supernatural being was lonely. I became confused and decided that the only way to read this book was to open my mind to both opinions, that of a believer and to that of a non-believer.

In a way, reading the bible had provided a sense of awareness to the world around me. It opened doors to a closed part of my brain, and for that I am thankful. But, as I read, I began to find closure to such questions as, “What is the meaning of life?” I found that maybe life has no significant drawn out purpose but more of what we plan to make ourselves. We can’t depend on destiny to write our plan or give our hands in trust to an all knowing God. But rather write our own story to our take on life. Basic morals found in good parenting and loving friends give us the strength to preserve ourselves in complete individuality and a structure beyond religion. I found myself thinking after turning the last page of the bible, I am God and so are you.