Nothing Worthwhile Comes Easy

Christopher - San Ramon, California
Entered on October 29, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: work

I believe that it takes hard work to achieve something worthwhile. It is important to work as hard as possible in order to experience great things. Setting and achieving goals with as much effort as possible can be one of the most rewarding feelings in the world. I work as hard as I can for the things that mean the most to me because I know that it will result in a worthwhile reward. I feel that it is crucial to constantly strive for success and feel good about pushing my own limits. When I realize how much hard work I put into reaching a goal, it makes that feeling even more worthwhile.

Any goal that I set myself can result in a worthwhile experience. One of my biggest goals that I had achieved was receiving my High School Diploma. It was one of the most rewarding feelings to finally achieve this goal. I had worked very hard for four years and all of that work had finally paid off. It was one of the most rewarding feelings I had ever had and it was truly a worthwhile moment. Other goals that I set myself can involve hiking or mountain biking and it’s all about reaching the end of the trail or the summit of the mountain. Many of these goals can include various rewards such as a beautiful view or a good day’s exercise. All of these rewards can provide worthwhile feelings for the person who sets their own goals.

When engaging in hard work or strenuous activity, it is a good idea to envision that goal being accomplished in order to provide extra motivation. Doing this helps me achieve the goal faster and I am able to feel good about what I am doing. It is used as a motivational tool which can be useful in numerous aspects of life. When dealing in stressful situations it is important to envision myself as happy after the situation has been resolved. This provides me with comfort and I can find a way to achieve a feeling of worthwhile satisfaction.

Not all worthwhile goals need to be on a large scale. Small, household chores can even provide the achiever worthwhile moments. These can include cleaning the house or car, earning that special paycheck from the mediocre job, or finishing homework for the rest of the week. All of these goals can provide a feeling of satisfaction for anyone who achieves them, and knowing how much effort I put into it makes it much more special. It’s about that special feeling when I know that I did something great and I benefit my own life. It’s about knowing that I tried my hardest at something and no matter what, I can achieve that feeling of worthwhile satisfaction. Above all, it’s about knowing that nothing worthwhile comes easy and I have to work hard if I want to be happy in my life.