Beauty of Hip-Hop

Nemiah - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on October 29, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

We have created, established, and accomplished many things as human beings, for example: sending men into the stars above, establishing means of communication and transportation around the globe, and even devices that can keep people’s hearts going. Even with all the technological advances we have made, I still find some age-old inventions to be some of the greatest and most influential of all time one age-old invention in particular stands out more to me than others. An invention that I speak of is music.

I truly believe without a doubt in my mind that music is a gift from the heavens that can inspire great things in man. Whether it be getting ready for a game, trying to build up courage to talk to a girl or person you like, as well as getting ready for a speech you must speak in front of the whole world. Music truly is a powerful and wonderful thing that can change the outlook of a person’s state of mind. Furthermore, music can be a medium to soothe the souls of those who could be on the brink of a break down.

However, there are people specifically the legendary comedian Bill Cosby, that believe that music only justifies violence and disrespect to woman. His belief is that some music, mainly Hip-Hop, is consuming the young people of this country. He claims that Hip-Hop teaches young men of all races to still, kill, and rape. Emphasis was placed on the disrespect aimed at woman in the Hip-Hop industry in the case that woman in the eyes of rappers and other figure heads in the industry are treated more like objects than people.

People say music can alter moods and talk to you but can it load a gun up for you and cock it too well if it can then the next time someone assaults a dude then tell the judge it was Hip-Hop’s fault and it’ll get sued. See what the kids do is hear about rappers carrying pistols and they want to get one because they think it is cool not knowing they are really protecting themselves, they’re entertainers of course it’s affecting themselves. I’m not agreeing with the idea that Hip-Hop is the cause of so much negative energy I will just say that some things that are said in some songs are pretty illicit ,but then again music is reflection of self rappers just explain it in their own way then they get their checks in the mail.

As powerful as music is I will admit that there has been a dark and a light side a negative and a positive, but the influence it has on its listeners depends totally on their upbringing. Over the years there have been thousands of cases of rape, murder, and theft, but in spite of all the different genres in the world whenever stuff like that happens only one genre is blamed. Yep you guessed it the Hip-Hop industry can be found in all the headlines of the news. The negative influence in music comes from the opinions of ignorant people who have never seen its true beauty.

On another note some people listen to songs and don’t listen to the words of those songs but the beat and music. They just sit and they vibe to the simple tones of what may be a song at the bottom of the charts lyric wise. When the music is playing the world outside can appear to not exist for a moment as the troubles of life fade away and you begin to feel better. This is the power of music the power to sooth-troubled souls. All those negative things that happen have nothing to do with music it is the listener and their mind set when they listen to the song and how they view what they are listening to.

With this in mind the parents or guardians of these young listeners should establish an understanding with these youth that just because someone else is doing something does not mean that they should do it as well. Artist like Nas and Lupe Fiasco rap about corruption and what is going on in the world, but they rap about loved ones as well. The loved ones they have cared for over the years or even loved ones they have lost. A few years back a rapper named Tupac Shakur even made a song thanking his mother for everything she had done for him growing up. The song was titled “Dear Mama,” and in this song he talked about the good times as well as the bad ones as a real life story should be told. In fact, it has become a tradition for most rappers to put a song in at least one album talking and thanking the main figures in their lives that made a difference.

When I have my children, I am going to establish an understanding with them at a young age of what is real and right and what is disrespectful and shunned upon by the world. With the result that they will use better judgment in whether they will follow what they hear and see in this world that we live in. All those parents out there in the world that complain about how terrible their kids act due to what they hear in music, while this may be true I wonder if they have ever sat back and talked to their kids about the difference in what they hear and what they should be doing.

Finally, I have come to a realization for those that believe music is nothing but a negative influence on their children and other youth. If music is nothing more than the embodiment of chaos and other unruly acts and it should be stopped or banned, then why has it thrived as long as it has? History has showed us that the things in this world that are a potential threat do not last and are usually destroyed before it can flourish, but music remains so what does that tell us. Is it that music is to powerful an entity that has progressed too far, or is it the fact that music truly is an inspirational thing that allows some listeners to reflect on their lives. Everyone has his or her own opinion or outlook on whether it is one or the other, but I will never believe for a second that it is evil. It is beauty, a work of art, and above all inspiration, this I believe.