I Believe in Change

Jamie - Pikeville, Kentucky
Entered on October 29, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: change

I believe in change. I feel that change is what I look forward to in life. Looking forward to the next adventure that God has in store for me is what keeps things interesting. Though I do not always enjoy the changes that occur, it seems that I become a stronger person with each curveball thrown my way. I have always been a restless kind of guy. I enjoy doing new and exciting things and it seems that life has a funny way of presenting these new things whether we want them or not. Whether it is a big change such as a new place to live or a new job or a small change such as hearing a new band that I have never heard before, change always gets me motivated.

I think even the anticipation for a change is a huge part of my life. I look forward to new classes each semester and the opportunity to meet new fiends. I look forward to the change in seasons and the smell in the air that comes along with them. I love just thinking about how my life is going to change drastically as I get older and the excitement of not knowing what might be just around the corner. Change is what makes life exciting.

I feel that I have grown as a person and have changed drastically just in the last three years. As my life changes and I get older, I feel like I become a better person. From each experience I have encountered, good or bad, I have learned something new. I have made some really huge mistakes in my life and have been through some bad times. But, I always seem to come out of them and things always get better. I love that about life. No matter how bad things get, you know that it will eventually change for the better. Life is like a roller coaster. Now my life is really good and I’m sure I will make many more mistakes, but I also know that I will make it through them know matter how bad things get and this makes me forever optimistic about the future.