This I Believe in trust

Jacob - Kingsport, Tennessee
Entered on October 29, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: integrity

This I Believe…

This I believe that everyone should trust until they are given a reason not to. I am going to use my previous relationship as an examle. I recently broke up with my ex because I have given her so many chances to be loyal. But she cannot find it in herself to do so.

I will break it down from the beginning to make things easier. Everything was really good for the first four months or so then one night she decided to mess around with one of my friends while I was at work. I broke things off with her and fought my friend needless to say. I stayed away for a couple of weeks then she called and wanted to talk. She made all of these “promises” of being loyal and faithful, so I took her back like an idiot.

Again the same thing happened while I was working about seven months ago. Disgusting right? This time I said no more chances but because I trusted her she got to me and I forgave her once again. I guess in a way this is my fault for keeping trust with this person. Anyway, the final straw occurred very recently one night when she was “hanging” out with her friends. She slept with a guy and then lied to me about the whole situation. Then, the next night she told me what happened and held a knife to her throat because I would not tell her that I Love her.

I fell in once more for a few days only to find out the hard way that she is still sleeping with the guy that she said was gross and disgusting only a few days prior. That was the end of that. This I Believe if you trust someone even when they could care less about you, it makes you the bigger and better person.