Coaches Can Make or Break You

Jason - Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
Entered on October 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: sports

John and Joe are very athletic twins who have achieved great success on the football field during their middle school years. During their freshman year of high school, Joe joins team A where the coach works hard with all of the players. The coach instructs, challenges, and encourages Joe to do the best he can. On the other hand, John joins team B. The coach of this team works only with his favorites and yells at the players for each mistake. Joe goes on to become a NFL star, while John decides to never play football again. Did the coaching each boy received affect how they turned out? I believe that it did and that coaches can “make or break” players.

First, a coach’s attitude impacts how a player will play. While it’s part of a coach’s job to instruct players on how they should play, many times they will yell, even swear, instead of instruct and encourage. This does not have a great result, as often a player feels increased pressure, and their performances will reflect this. Not only does yelling impact individual players, but it can bring the attitude of a whole team down.

On the other hand, a coach who gives out positive complements when a player does something good makes a positive impact. By not giving a player a hard time when they do something wrong and instead giving them some words of wisdom, the player will have a better attitude. This will increase performance and help make the player better.

Second, a coach who plays favorites can “break” a player’s whole season and in some cases, alter their entire career. By only working with his favorites, some players do not gain the opportunity to increase their knowledge or skills. This results in them having a bad season. The coach then tells next year’s coach that the player did not do so great and not to play them. A pattern forms and either the player never gets adequate playing time or he gets so discouraged, that he quits. Either way, the player never reaches his full potential.

The excellent coach can help each player become better at the sport. An excellent coach instructs, challenges, and encourages each player to do the best he or she can, even if it involves working extra with the player that does not have the largest amount of talent for the sport. The excellent coach can make a player. Unfortunately, I have seen many coaches “break” players. They play favorites, yell, and generally discourage the player from reaching his or her full potential. What would have happened to John if he had the same coach as Joe? Would he too have become a NFL star? While the answer may not be certain, I do know that each year coaches can and do “make or break” players.