Beliefs Take Off

Alan - Marlborough, Massachusetts
Entered on October 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

How many days does it take before school becomes enjoyable? Before you never want school to end? For some it may be infinite, but for me it was four thousand five hundred days. A long four thousand and five hundred days. It was on that day that school changed for me as I made the decision to go to a different kind of school; flight school.

Flying to me has been nothing but a rewarding experience. I am now going to a school where everyday I get to do something I love. Now, everyone has a passion towards something whether big or small, that is not the point. The point is that every passion is within reach as long as it is worked for. I believe that life can be as rewarding and enjoyable as I want. I learned this belief on one summer day back in June. I had just finished my junior year in high school and was outside mowing the yard for what seemed like already the millionth time of the summer. I had just hauled the last load of clippings up to the woods and decided to lie down, watch a few clouds go by, and rest my eyes just for a minute. While I was working hard or in my parents eyes hardly working, I noticed a shiny comet connecting the dotted clouds as it passed by. I had seen thousands of these comets before, stealthily passing by every night one after the other. Each passes by with a tail whiter than snow even during the summer. Okay these weren’t actually comets but to me jets were just as cool.

I had always enjoyed flying on my computer but never thought much of it. It seemed almost too easy to me. Sort of like driving just with an up down component added I found it to be very simple. Unlike most things I had done in high school, like taking French, which seemed physically impossible to me. As I was lying there that evening I thought to myself, there is not one thing keeping me from doing that for real? I was seventeen which was old enough for a license. I found it simple to comprehend. Most importantly I believed that my life could be as enjoyable and rewarding as I wanted to make it. If there is a passion that brings joy to life, then go for that passion. While the passion might be hard to achieve isn’t the benefit of living with that passion worth it? I believe it is and plan on continuing to fly for years to come. Hopefully others will improve their lives and strive for their passions and make their lives as enjoyable and rewarding as they wish.