Doing Whats Humble

Mike - Hinsdale, Illinois
Entered on October 29, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: humility

I believe that I am not better then any other person that is reading or will read this essay. It is not by social acceptance that this modesty came to me, but, instead, it came by simply observing how people react to certain behaviors. In a way, I am acting as my own psychologist. This difficult concept is hard to hold on to when so many things are gained by pride and accomplishments. I am not telling you that I don’t take pride in things that I do, because I most certainly do have things that I am proud of, the only difference between them and me is that I try to be quiet about my achievements and let my actions speak louder then my words. As I watch some of these people, whether it be on T.V or my friends that surround me every day, I have come to a realization that people who verbally and selfishly boast about their accomplishments commonly find that their audience may become annoyed or careless. I find that they need to tell people because they want their audience to tell them how great they are or how awesome they must be to do a certain action. Everyone loves to hear someone say that they have done something well or someone is proud of them. But, there is more then one way to do that. That is where I think most of the world and I separate.

I believe that it isn’t my place to say what I can brag about or what differences I have made. In the end, it is the people and things that I have changed that can say that. If they feel that if I have done something of enough importance for them to tell people, then I get my satisfaction out of the good words they say to me and anyone else they tell. I feel that when people take charge of explaining their accomplishments, they tend to overdo on how they present it, and can sometimes give off an impression that, most people, won’t listen to because it hasn’t affected them in anyway. It isn’t that they are doing anything wrong, but that they are taking a wrong approach to the situation. I must say though, there are lots of people in this life that have made fortunes in this area. They brag and sell their accomplishments to many people and continually remind them how much better they are then the rest of the world. But as for me, I will continue doing my very best in life. Whether that is caring for those I love, participating in things that I enjoy, or simply not bragging about my accomplishments to let everyone know that I don’t think that I am better then anyone else around me. And since I cherish this value, I will say that I believe in humility.