The Power of Laughter

Tonya - Surgoinsville, Tennessee
Entered on October 29, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe laughter is essential to our everyday lives. It is a great gift that we can utilize and share with the people around us each and every day. Laughing is an amazing tool that can boost our positive mental attitude. I have found that it is extremely hard to be sad or mad if you are laughing. Instead of taking out my frustrations on the people around me I will take a minute to think of something funny to releive the stress that I have accumulated throughout the day. For example, one day I was really worried about something and I just could’t seem to get it off of my mind. I was in my kitchen washing dishes and thought to myself the one thing that would help eliminate that feeling of hopelessness in that particular situation would be laughter. So I thougt of something really funny and just started busting out laughing. My five year old daughter comes in the kitchen and asks “what is so funny?” I said mommy just thought of something funny. By seeing me laughing she started laughing. One of the beautiful things about laughter is that it is cotagious. When you see someone just laughing uncontrollably you can’t help but laugh even if you don’t know what their laughing about.

My family goes by this motto, “if a family takes the time to laugh every day then you will have a happy family.” Laughter is an excellent resource in dealing with problem behavior. For instance my daughter has an issue dealing with her anger. So what my husband and I do is when she gets very angry before she has a chane to do something that she will just get into trouble for, we will tell her to think of something funny or we might do something funny to make her laugh. I believe that if you find something to laugh about when you are angry then the level of anger and aggression will start to subside and eventually go away. It is amazing to to watch someone’s anger dissolve and their positive attitude increase all because of laughter.

True success is not measured on how many material objects a person can obtain. It is reached when a person has achieved true happiness. The key to fulfill happiness within oneself is laughter.