The Beach is My Happiness

Jordan - Westmont, Illinois
Entered on October 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe in the beach.

As a kid, I have been on many vacations to many different places. I have gone to the city, camped in the forest, and driven through the desert. But nothing, in my mind, surpassed the beauty of the beach. The first time I was ever at a beach was around the age of seven. It was in New Buffalo Michigan, and it was the most breath-taking place I have ever seen. Standing in the sand, looking out into the distance, feeling the cool breeze in my hair, I knew this is the greatest place in the world. My family I and spent the whole day at the beach. We lied in the sun, played in the lake, and climbed the dunes.

Another magnificent part of the beach was the dunes. We climbed to the top of them. It seemed like hours to reach it but in reality was only about ten minutes. Once reaching the top, we looked out over the water. From the top of the dunes I could see everything; we could see the city of Chicago and the Sears Tower all the way from Michigan! My eyes were glued to the scenic landscape. The waters of Lake Michigan seemed like an ocean, so blue with immense waves; seeing sailboats peacefully floating in the water, with gliding seagulls above. I took a mental picture that day and that picture stays with me everyday. Whenever I am in a bad mood or feeling down, I just close my eyes and imagine that place.

That is the day I realized I want to live on a beach when I grow up. When I imagine my future I see the usual: a husband, kids, and a great job. But with all that I see my backyard as sand, water, and plenty of sunshine. There is nothing like spending the whole day in your bathing suit soaking up sun, or swimming in the water. Growing up near the city of Chicago made me realize that I don’t want to be a part of that fast-pace lifestyle. That one trip to the beach was the best day of my life and, without doubt, impacted my future. I believe in the beach because that is where I know I will be the happiest.