Power of Love

Entered on October 28, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: love, war

Power of love

I believe that the most powerful feeling is love and God creates the universe because of love. Love is the feeling that involves commitment, sacrifice, happiness and pain. My believe in power of love originated from the love that has occurred with one of my closest friend Sara and her husband Soroosh.

Sara has been my closest friend from childhood and she is a beautiful, happy woman. When she met Soroosh, they fell in love and decided to marry but Sara’s father didn’t agree because of Soroosh’s job. He was an army pilot and Sara’s father was afraid that Soroosh would be in danger if a war happened in our country Iran. Sara didn’t object, but didn’t marry any body else. After a few months her father finally gave up and she married Soroosh.

After seven months of their marriage the war started between my country Iran and Iraq. Every day Sara heard about their friends’ husbands that were killed, injured or imprisoned. It was the 29th day of war when she received a call, which informed her that Soroosh‘s jet was fallen and they didn’t know what happened to him. She packed her luggage and came back to her father’s home. Soroosh disappeared and every body thought that he was killed except Sara. She believed that he was alive and felt it in her heart. Soroosh’s love gave her such a great power of commitment, and sacrifice that she bore all difficulties.

After two years she received a letter from the army that mentioned Soroosh was alive. Soroosh was captured on the 29th day of war. He was released after 10 years. When he had been captured Sara was 20 and now she was 30 years old with some wrinkles on her face. When Soroosh had been captured he was a tall, handsome, and healthy man but now he was a very tiny, weak man, with white hair, that even couldn’t stand on his feet. But Sara was so in love that only saw the same young man. When they faced each other they felt a deeper and stronger love.

Soroosh recovered his health after a few months under Sara’s nursing. Now they’re a happy middle-aged couple with a teen age daughter. Through Sara and Soroosh’s life and their long-lasting love for each other, I believe in love as the most powerful feeling. Sara’s decision to marry Soroosh wasn’t a logical decision.

But love doesn’t deal with logic. When people enter the land of logic, they will loose the love. Love is the land of admiration, commitment, sacrifice, patience, happiness and pain. It’s a universal feeling of emotion that every human needs to love others, who could be parent, partner, or friend.