I believe in equal marriage

ricardo - san diego, California
Entered on October 28, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Marriage has been recognized as a union between a man and a woman. Growing up in a traditional Catholic family, this is what I learned to be acceptable. However, many years of education have taught me that there is more in the history of marriage than we are led to believe. Historical evidence suggests that once upon a time same sex marriage was acceptable in Egypt, Rome, Greece, China and Japan, to name a few. For this reason and others to follow, I strongly believe that same sex partners should have the right to marry.

A few opponents of same sex marriage argue that allowing these unions would have a negative effect on traditional marriage, because gay couples have a higher divorce rate. This is simply a misconception. My parents and the parents of friends have ended in divorce. Every person has the opportunity to be unfaithful or abusive in a relationship which can lead to divorce. In fact, the United States has the highest divorce rate than in any other country including only heterosexual couples.

During the time I spent in the Catholic community, I was taught that marriage is only proper between a man and a woman. Sexual intimacy is between a married man and a woman. Anything else would be morally unacceptable. Yet, if you Google “Catholic priest”, you will find several stories of priests that decided it was acceptable to molest young boys or girls.

If a man or a woman is truly in love with someone of the same sex, neither myself nor anyone else for that matter should have the right oppose to their marriage. Many of these couples deserve the opportunity to raise children of their own. An excellent choice for a gay male couple would be adopting a son or daughter. However, there are conservative movements that object to this idea. They believe children raised by same sex couples will not be productive, healthy members of society.

I have friends with gay parents. They are the most amazing, well-adjusted young adults. People automatically assume that because someone was raised by gay parents, he or she will be gay too. The idea is certainly wrong. In a way, to me these kids are quite special to grow up with gay parents who have taught them to be easily open-minded, productive members of society.

We are all given the opportunity of life on earth to pursue happiness. Happiness to some homosexual men and women is hoping that one day they will have equal rights just like any heterosexual. Part of that happiness is having the opportunity to build a family of their own and share a home with someone they love. They too can be like the “typical” family with a dog in the backyard. That is why on November 4, 2008 I will gladly vote in support of gay marriage.

If a woman or an African-American man can run for president, I think we are ready to accept non-traditional marriage. I believe the acceptance of gay marriage will make our country stronger. Perhaps this will bring us closer, and together we can beat any obstacle that comes our way. Remember, everyone just wants to be equal in marriage.