Family Guy

Timothy - San Ramon, California
Entered on October 28, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: family

Family Guy

I believe in developing a family to be proud of, one that I can call my own. Family

development doesn’t occur automatically; it must be formed with effort. This goal is achieved by using family values, instilled in me since childhood and carried on

throughout my life.

I grew up in a large Italian family that took pride in family dinners, sharing birthdays

and celebrating holidays. I believe that my perception of what it takes to develop an ideal

family was formed during these times. Pick-up basketball games, discussions around the

table, and family parties left lasting impressions on me. That’s probably how I developed

my taste for whiskey over ice! Although there are fond memories of my extended family,

I’m not saying there weren’t any arguments along the way. I believe that these past

disagreements strengthen my determination of developing a close family. I often draw

from these experiences for guidance in shaping my own family today.

I believe that developing a close family isn’t possible without everybody working

together and supporting one another. I believe in taking the time to listen, help and

understand. Recognizing the value of being there to share a joyful hug or to provide a

shoulder to cry on have a lasting effect on family development. Having three girls in my

house offers plenty of time for that! I believe that gender based roles of past generations

are no longer the case in the success of today’s family. Although I admit that I try to get

away with it every now and then!

I believe that today’s society has lost its ability to recognize what it takes to develop a

close family. I often wonder why modern times have changed the structure of today’s

families. Perhaps it’s attributed to a much faster pace in lifestyles and the stress caused by

it. Nowadays, society often requires income from both parents in order to financially

support raising a family. I believe that long commutes, reduced quality time and the

demands of workloads have a direct impact on families. My own family development

beliefs are challenged this way as I’m guilty of getting caught in the moment myself from

time to time! No wonder divorce rates, broken families and chemical dependency cases

are increasing. Social workers are often seeking solutions, when the answers are likely

staring us in the face.

I believe that communication, structure and stability are the keys to a family’s

success. I believe in doing all I can to provide my own family all the love, support and

dedication necessary to ensure success in its own development. It’s my goal to instill

these same values in my children, to continue a family structure and bond that I strongly

desire, and one that I can proudly call my own.