The Strenth in Forgiveness

Wendell - Johson City, Tennessee
Entered on October 28, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: forgiveness

My belief is in the innate cure of most problems; forgiveness. Forgiveness can be found in people young and old and is responsible for the perseverance in my life. By the courageous act of accepting life’s problems, I’ve developed into the man proudly standing before you. My Olympic size hurdles came in several forms: the neglect of my family, the molestations during my adolescence, and more recently, the progressive loss of my eye sight.

I can honestly say I’m appreciative that my innocent, yet neglected childhood played out the way it did. For example, in eighth grade I discovered my limitless love for basketball and tried out for the junior varsity team. Surprisingly, I made it on the team and received my #21 jersey. I rushed home to tell my mother the great news. With an indifferent and emotionless face, she said, “Good job Bub” and proceeded with the afternoon airing of her favorite TV show.

In this instance forgiveness revealed to me that a good parent is not an emotionless absent parent like I was subjected to. However, by forgiving this and similar acts, I have accepted my parents and love them for giving me life. Thank you Mom and Dad.

Rather than appreciating the obstacles of my adolescence, which have been much harder to over come I learned that stumbling into these hurdles would only strengthen me for future collapses. During the developmental period of my adolescence I was molested by an older man who took advantage of and betrayed me in ways only forgiveness could rectify. After years of internal torment and festering hatred, I can openly accept the agonies of life. On the other hand, I can also proudly say I have been knocked down and stripped bare only to return stronger and accepting of life. Thank you Anonymous.

It may not be as lonely as a neglectful family or as torturous as repeated molestations, but the progressive loss of my vision is a hurdle worth mentioning. Simply put, this takes shape in the form of a degenerative disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa, where my vision gradually decreases from the outer periphera inward toward the center. This closing-in-effect is due to the failure of photoreceptors in the retina.

Although my vision is fading with every passing day, I’ve learned It isn’t vision that is needed to nurture a forgiving lifestyle. Instead, it’s realizing that we are all people of God and he is where our troubles should be resolved.

Life for me has been painful and troubling, but by the strengths of forgiveness, I have learned a great deal from those who made an impact in my life. So, I want to leave you with the thought of a man going blind having such insight to forgive and embrace all that have hurt him.