ANYTHING is possible

Doug - Mdford, Massachusetts
Entered on October 28, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe anything is possible. I mean ANYTHING! My belief started when I was very young. I have severe dyslexia and ADD and when I was in elementary school teachers told my mom that she should consider pushing me in the direction of vocational education. She would have been fine with me pursuing a vocational education if that was what I wanted to do. It was not. I dreamed of being a; doctor, astronaut, firefighter, cowboy, and all the other things that a rambunctious 6 year old wants to be. One of my oldest memories is of my mother telling me that I could be ANYTHING.

As I faced challenges my belief grew stronger. In the years after my LD diagnosis I became more certain that I could succeed academically. I worked hard and I began to believe that with hard work one can overcome significant challenges and become a top student.

As I entered young adulthood the prospect of college was daunting. The college I selected cost more for one year than my parents combined income. But my belief persevered and I was able to work, save, get scholarships, and take out loans. My belief grew into a belief that with resourcefulness, determination, and luck, even a poor kid can go to one of the nation’s top colleges.

While in college I majored in chemistry & minored in biology. Some might think this science focus would diminish my belief, it did not. When I shared my belief with others I often meet with “you can‘t believe that ANYTHING is possible, you can‘t believe that humans can levitate, or teleport, or bend spoons with our minds, or make things invisible, or travel through time, or….” the arguments go on endlessly. This only served to solidify my belief. All great accomplishments have come in the face of overwhelming odds, why should we think future accomplishments will be any less remarkable?

History is full of instances where our knowledge and understanding were wrong. For a long time we knew it was not possible; to circumnavigate the planet, divide atoms, travel in space, the examples go on endlessly. What would a person in the 1920s have thought if they were told that someday there grandchildren would call, say nothing of e-mail, them on an iPhone? Would any of us actually be surprised if our grandchildren lived in a world; with flaying cars, teleportation? What about a world free from cancer and full of peace?

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Just because I cannot do it today and I don’t know how it can be accomplished does not change the fact that it is indeed possible. The human mind and soul are capable of so much. I cannot pretend to know, or even imagine, what my grandson will have in his pocket. Quantum theory and our ever developing understanding of our universe are already showing us that teleportation and invisibility may not be as far off as we once thought.

This I believe, ANYTHING is possible.