The Wonder of Surprises

Taylor - Hinsdale, Illinois
Entered on October 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that surprises can be a powerful thing. They have the ability to change moods, lift spirits, and demonstrate appreciation. All of these things help other people, which I feel is an important thing to do. I have learned this early on through the examples from my parents. The most significant things and memories in my life are the result of a surprise.

This past summer I found out that while I would be away at poms camp, it would be two of my team mate’s birthdays. I was sad for them that they would have to celebrate their birthdays away from their friends and family up at camp, the most stressful three days of our season. When I was little on my birthday I would awake to my bedroom filled completely with balloons. This was a wonderful surprise that I wanted to share with my team mates. I decided to surprise the two girls by decorating their rooms while they were sleeping with balloons and streamers. The next morning when they woke up they were shocked to see all of the decorations and were extremely touched that someone had remembered and made them feel special. I know that if I had been in their situation I would have wanted someone to remember mine.

Nothing can be so simple but create such a difference, as a surprise. I believe that the giving end is just as good as the receiving end. Coming to school Friday morning was bittersweet. I was overwhelmed with how quickly the football season had gone by and that it was senior night already. For the last couple of poms practices I have listened to the juniors talk about t-shirt designs for “next year” and I have been jealous that they have an entire year of poms ahead of them, something that is almost over for me. I walked into my poms coach’s room and I was given a t-shirt to wear for senior night. It was the shirt that the juniors had been working so hard on to design, and it was a great surprise find out that the t-shirts they had been talking about weren’t for themselves but were made for us, the seniors. I felt a sudden sense of joy and appreciation for the friendships I have formed on poms with all of the junior girls, and I knew that I would be missed next year.

A surprise can be defined as a unexpected occurrence which creates a feeling or wonder and astonishment. A surprise doesn’t have to be a big surprise. Sometimes it’s the unexpected things that happen that are small but become very meaningful. The small acts of kindness being back memories of really good feelings, and every time you experience them it’s like being a little kid again.