This I believe in the power of dreams…

Tim - Evansville, Indiana
Entered on October 28, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe in the power of dreams…

Dreams are what I live by every day. They are sights I can see happening even though it looks to others out of sight; but I’ve learned nothing is out of sight if it’s worth working for.

I had the typical normal birth as everyone else but my childhood was much different than most. At age 6; I was having social troubles which were later followed by hallucinations and hearing voices. My mom took me into the doctor where I was diagnosed with childhood schizophrenia as one of the youngest to ever be diagnosed with such a disorder.

As time went on things kept getting worse and worse id been put in a children mental hospital twice and had suicidal problems. That’s when my mom contacted Dr. Fuller Torrey writer of the book “Surviving Schizophrenia”. He recommended a study through Ely Lilly Medicine Company. That study was being done three hours away in Cincinnati Ohio.

So that summer weeks before I was scheduled to start high school my mom and I took 18 trips to Cincinnati there we got my medicine right and everything made an unexpected turn around. A mere two months after I was told I would never go to a normal high school.

The next few years were nothing shy of miraculous I began to manage the high school baseball and basketball teams and maintained a 3.195 gpa. Then at the conclusion of my senior year I not only graduated, I won a scholarship. It was unthinkable.

It was always a dream to go to college but I made it a reality.

Now a freshman at USI I live in the world where the last five years I developed late but fast. I made other goals like to lose weight and to manage the college baseball team which I have completed both goals. I am a basic example that no matter how tough the goal is it can possibly be achieved and I also learned that the distance traveled to reach each goal is more important than the goal itself. Every night before I fall asleep and think about the things I’ve done that were once only dreams and then became realities. Everything is possible, feel free to dream.