This I Believe

Jenny - Kingsport, Tennessee
Entered on October 28, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, love

I believe in three simple words. The three words are “I love you”. I believe these words can never be said enough. I believe love is what keeps people motivated. Love from my family and friends is what keeps me striving for success while working two jobs and attending school. I have recently lost to very close family members and I remember them always telling me how much they loved me.

The first time I understood how significant these three simple words were, I was just a teenager. I was thirteen and thought I knew everything. The world was wrapped around my finger, or so I thought. Not only was it Sunday, but it was also Mother’s Day. I persuaded my mom to hurry home from church so I could see my new boyfriend. Irritated, she still catered to my wishes. Disrespectful and uncaring, all I could think about was going to my “cool” boyfriend’s house. Being the typical thirteen year old, I kept insisting that she hurry and continued to act embarrassingly rude.

Finally, she slammed on the breaks and said, “That’s enough! You’re not going anywhere”. I looked at her dead in the eyes and screamed, “I hate you!” The fact was that I did not even feel guilty at the time. Concerned about me, I offered no apology as my mother had tears streaming down her face. Ironically, she did not even yell at me. All my mother could do was cry. What mother wouldn’t?

True, several, in fact seven Mother’s Days have passed since then but all the gifts and all the “I love you’s” can never make up for the horrible word I said to her that day. To this day, I remember the hurt, shocked look in my mother’s eyes.

I constantly tell my mom how much I love and appreciate her now. After all, she gave me life. I tell my friends, family, and especially my mother, even when hanging up the phone, “I love you”.