I Believe in the Power of a Smile

Kristi - Jonesborough, Tennessee
Entered on October 28, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in the power of smiling; I believe smiling can lighten up a mood, decrease stress, and most importantly bring happiness to another person’s day. When I was a little girl my mother always told me to smile at people. I never knew why she was so repetitive about telling me to smile, and I never bothered to ask her the reason. She told me I looked mean when I was not smiling, and she also told me that I would look approachable and appealing to people if I were to smile. “The way to attract someone is through a simple smile” is what she told me. I eventually learned on my own that smiling is contagious.

I smile each day at strangers regardless of the mood I am in. The reason I smile a lot is not because I have plenty of reasons to smile, or because I am alive, it is because I know the happiness it can bring to others. I have a busy schedule everyday; with juggling nineteen hours of school, working part-time, being a new aunt, a long distance relationship and still making time to spend with my family and friends. Sometimes I get discouraged and overwhelmed with life, when I am having a bad day I look to others to get me thorough it. That’s one of the reason’s I believe smiling is important, when you look to the people around you, you might not realize it but they can have an impact on your day. A simple smile from a stranger does wonders to my mood. I always try to keep a smile on my face in hopes of cheering someone up.

Smiling takes three seconds and no amount of effort; it not only has an impact on the person you are smiling at but also makes you feel happy inside. Smiling is my way of relieving stress and also it seems to make a bad situation slowly seem better. Smiling can give a person: hope, faith, encouragement, and most of all happiness. Sometimes I believe this simple gesture has been forgotten, smiling is contagious and I think we should keep spreading it.

Now, as a young woman I understand that my mother was teaching me that the simple act of smiling can brighten someone’s day. I believe that one smile can give you a little faith. I believe that one smile can brighten your gloomiest days. I will always continue to smile to others as if they are my best friend because you never know how your smile will impact them. I believe in the power of a simple smile.