All Things Happen For A Reason

Jaimie - Sayreville, New Jersey
Entered on October 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: purpose, question

I believe that all things happen for a reason. Everything that is currently happening in the world is just an effect of what preceded it. Our whole existence is based on small things that had to have happened before we were even born. Essentially, the world is a good place, but some unfortunate things have to happen in order for the greater good to prevail. The loss of money, an embarrassing stumble, or a dress that does not fit, may seem inconsequential to some, but it is my firm belief that these things happened for a reason.

A man walks out of a supermarket. He tries to put away his money as he juggles the plastic bags filled to the brim with household groceries. Unknowingly, the man drops a twenty-dollar bill to the ground as he makes his way to his car. Later that day, a mother gathers a few dollars and some coupons to buy the bare minimum of food. Although she works two jobs, she has been unable to capably support her four kids, since her husband’s untimely death. She begins her long walk to the supermarket, contemplating ways to stretch the money and coupons as much as possible. As she nears the store, something green flashes in the corner of her eye. There, lying on the ground is a folded up twenty-dollar bill. Wondering if this is some sort of cruel joke her mind is playing on her, the mother cautiously reaches down to pick up the godsend. Rationalizing the unearned money, she tells herself that if she had not picked it up, someone else would have. Still hopeful, despite all the hardships she has had to face, the mother decides to play the lottery with a small portion of the money. A week later, she finds out that it was not all for naught. She and her children were the winners of the five hundred million dollar jackpot.

A child is nervous at her first recital, watching all the seasoned dancers floating seamlessly across the stage. One of them loses her footing and stumbles, but instead of running from the stage, she continues as if it was no big deal. The watchful child is inspired by this display, causing her nervousness to ease. She proceeds to dance flawlessly, alleviating the stress of many of her friends who had yet to perform.

A teenage girl clad in designer labels is shopping at a boutique, looking for the perfect prom dress. Sifting through the endless array, she thinks she has found it in a long, aquamarine gown. As she examines it, the girl knows that the shape of the gown is great for her figure and the color matches her skin tone perfectly. Unfortunately, she looks at the tag and realizes that it is a size too small. Glum, she leaves the shop. It is the last day that the dress is allowed with the rest of the merchandise. Now, it is moved to the clearance rack. The next day, another girl walks into the shop. She is wearing threadbare clothes that seem to have been put through the washer countless times. Without even glancing at the rest of the store, she heads straight to the clearance rack. The look on her face can only be described as hopeless as she starts to rummage through the rack. Suddenly, her face lights up, as her eyes fall upon the aquamarine dress. She looks at the tag and finds it to be the perfect size.

If the man had not dropped the money, the poor family would have continued to suffer. The mother is now able to care for her children as opposed to working through all hours, and the children will be able to go to college instead of suffering as their mother did. The ballerina that lost her footing became an inspiration to many young girls. Indirectly, her stumbling led to the success of the child dancer. Furthermore, the dress that did not fit the rich girl, was able to make the less fortunate girl joyful.

All things happen for a reason. Although something may seem horrible to you at the time, just think that maybe your misfortune is helping someone else in need. This may seem like an overly optimistic way to approach life, but I have come to realize that living my life based on this philosophy has made for a better existence. Only focusing on your own bad luck can lead to bitterness that can be avoided with just a little optimism. Thus, I choose to believe that all things happen for a reason.