True Friendship

Lisa - San Diego, California
Entered on October 28, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

“True Friendship”

“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out,” states Walter Winchell, who was an American newspaper and radio commentator. I believe his quote shows the essence of what a true friend is. A true friend is someone who is there for a person during the good times, but is standing by someone’s side when they are abandoned and do not know what to do. Going through life with no true friendships would be extremely difficult, since having a friend in a time of need or in a time of joy is always comforting. I believe in having true friends I can lean on, during hard times and during good times.

Growing up in Orange County, I found many friends who I opened up to and told my deepest secrets to. I believed these friends would be there through thick and thin times, however I was wrong. I found the type of friends who were only there for good times, but when times got rough they were walking away from me. I realized that most everyone had a fake personality and was ready to turn on me when something went wrong. When coming to San Diego three years ago, I figured I would find the same kind of people here, however I was terribly wrong.

During high school, being a cheerleader, I had many friends, but none that truly had the qualities of a best friend. We had so much fun together, but when something went wrong and they were faced with getting in trouble everyone turned

on me. I graduated with no one to celebrate the day with me besides my family. After this, I counted down the days until I left for San Diego. I wanted friends to hang out with who were not fickle and would always be there.

I came to San Diego and knew only one person from back home, Kira. We had worked together and when we realized we were going to college together we were excited. Coming here we both thought of sororities as another place to find superficial friendships. After meeting some of the girls we realized that was not the case and rushed a sorority. We now live in a sorority house with forty wonderful girls. Kira and I share a room with two other girls who we consider our best friends.

Our friendships have gone through hard times over the last three years at college, but without each other it would not have been the same. One of our other roommates, Heather, was the first to see the comfort of having strong friendships. Shortly after we moved into the house, our sophomore year, Heather’s grandfather had a heart attack. Considering her grandparents live down the street from her, she was very close to them, and she devastated to hear the news. Her parents told her to go to class for the day and not worry about it, however she was obviously very upset. When she came home from class, we had packed a bag of clothes for her and told her that we would make the two hour drive to Los Angeles with her because she was too upset to drive. We dropped her off at her house and drove back down the same night. She was so grateful because she got to see her grandfather for the last time since unfortunately he did not make it through the night.

The moment when I truly believed in the strength of our friendship was when our sister Jenny passed away. She was very close to all of us, especially me. I will never forget walking into the sorority house and having Heather tell me what happened. I immediately wrapped my arms around her and began crying, not knowing what to think. During this time, having each other by our sides was the most comforting feeling. Getting through this event together made our friendship grow, and made me believe in the strength of having true friends.

During these times it was our love and friendships that helped each other from day to day. We stuck by each other’s sides when we were hurting and when we were happy. This was the kind of friendship I longed for in high school but never found. I realize now looking back, high school is not the place to find true friends because you are young and immature. During college is when you grow into yourself and find those people who you can lean on no matter what happens, and I know these girls will be there for me through the rest of my life.