Helen - Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
Entered on October 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Build a sandcastle. Construct a beauteous structure out of sand on a glorious beach! Sounds great, right? For hours as a young girl I would immerse myself in the wet gooey sand at the edge of the crashing waves constructing sandcastles. I adored the fact that my imagination was limitless when I played with the sand. Towers went up, moats were dug, shells were collected and carefully placed, walls were built, and seaweed was laid on the sandcastle. I put so much work into each castle I created. Pictures were taken at the end of the grueling process, each with me standing beside my masterpiece with a proud smile across my face. The smile soon would soon face as high tide kicked in and washed away my exceptional handiwork. Tears always found their way down my sun kissed cheeks. Yet, the next day I would come back to the beach smiling, and ready to manufacture yet another sandcastle. At that age I did not understand that what I was doing, many adults could not do. Many adults could not deal with the fact that the work they put so much effort into was ruined, and that they must start over. Building a sandcastle is a much smaller task then others but the concept is still the same, don’t give up. I firmly believe that everyone should build a sandcastle.

At the present time in my life, I find it exceptionally hard to have my work ruined, and still start over with a smiling face. It’s hard, but I try my best to do it. I owe my patience and determination to my sandcastle making days. I learned that you always have a fresh start, but it’s up to you to try again. Many, many times I have had essays deleted from my computer. It’s not a fun experience. However, I know I can open up Microsoft Word Processor and start typing once again. Take advantage of the ability to start over. I know I always will.

Building sandcastles taught me to enjoy the experience. I took time to mold each block of sand into the shape I wanted. I took time to place every seashell in the exact place I wanted. I loved getting the sand stuck beneath my finger nails, and turning my swim-suit from sitting the sand for too long. I loved getting sand in my hair, and running to the ocean to wash off! The experience of building the sandcastle was far better than simply admiring my work.

Build a sandcastle, and see what you learn from the experience. Don’t give up when the waves wash it away. Instead, start over and build a better sandcastle.