I Believe That Trouble Gets You Nowere

Jonathan - Sprindale, Arkansas
Entered on October 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that trouble gets you nowhere because if you get in a lot of trouble you can be suspended form things like sports, watching TV, or maybe even having a shorter curfew that usual.

I remember my 6th grade year because I got in trouble way to much, for either not paying attention or not doing my work in class. Then at that moment I realized that if I was going to play sports in my 7th grade year and then fallow it up by playing JR. High football I had to make the grades or I probably wouldn’t be playing the next few games, especially going in to JR. High. So in my 7th grade year I stepped up and did my work and paid attention and did what I was supposed to do. So my whole 7th grade year I didn’t get in a lot of trouble so my grades were good. I went on to my 8th grade year.

I started off my 8th grade year pretty well I got to meet my teachers and they all seemed nice. But right at the end of the first 9 weeks, it had been like my year in 6th grade all over again, which is not good at all. I play football and if I have bad grades, my coach would pretty much kick me off the team, until my grades were up. After the 9 weeks I made the choice to either having bad grades, being a loser, and having bad friends or having good grades, being a good student, being on the team, and having good friends. I picked the good grades, good friends, football team, and being a good student.

After my decision, I stepped it up, made good grades, was focused, was a good friend, and stayed on the football team. When I made my decision, I wasn’t getting in trouble anymore because I was focused on what I was supposed to be doing in the classroom, and on the field. I actually wanted to do my work. If I wasn’t focused and I didn’t pay attention, I wouldn’t know what to do, then I would get in trouble, which is not a good impression on your coaches.