Blessings in Disguise

Natalie - Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
Entered on October 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

I know that woman. She has cancer. She didn’t deserve it.

Of course she didn’t.

It makes me cry. It isn’t fair.

Not everything is fair.

Still. Why do bad things happen? What do people like her have to suffer? Not everyone brings it upon themselves?

I think a lot of bad things are kinda blessings in disguise.

…What? I’m sorry I didn’t hear you.

Remember when that horrible bombing happened in New York. The two towers. 9/11

Yeah. Everybody remembers that. It was awful.

Remember how people sort of came together. People helped each other to get over that hard spot. So many people had a change of heart. The whole country.

Did I ever tell you my bros used to be drug addicts and alcoholics?


Yeah. We moved here to give them support when they started going to AA. That’s the whole reason we moved back to the states. You know, I’ve actually thanked them for being addicts.

Why? That’s ridiculous.

Our family was brought back together because of their problem. We actually went to a counselor. We weeded out so many dysfunctional ways of thinking. Resentments, control issues. We’ve started working on those problems. That would never have happened if my brothers didn’t get into all the crap they did. Our whole family became healthier because they used to abuse alcohol and drugs. Drugs and alcohol. Life-ruining

… but look what they did for us. You know what; it almost did ruin their lives. It is nothing short of a miracle that my brothers are still alive. Yes. Addiction is horrifying, but it brought about so much good for us. So much good for my brothers in the end. They are two of the coolest guys I know because of what AA has done for them. I know this is a weird word to use, but they’re kind of… wise… because of what has happened in their lives.

Blessings in disguise…

Maybe that lady with cancer met some person in the hospital that had some huge impact on her life or something; she never would have met that person if she didn’t have cancer… Everything happens for a reason.