Summer Reunion

Emma - Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
Entered on October 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that no one should ever have to deal with one of their closest friends leaving. Two summers ago, one of my best friends, Michele moved from Pittsburgh to Simsbury, Connecticut. She is such a genial person and I love her so much that I felt so hapless the first few days after she had left. We stayed in tough over the phone, but I missed her so badly. Luckily though, the following summer my mom said that I was allowed to go visit her! I was so jubilant once I saw her in the airport once I got to Connecticut. As we were driving back to Michele’s house, Michele and her mom were telling me about Simsbury. It is a very small town, and has no major corporate chain businesses in the area except Starbucks. Almost all the kids in the town are innate and they rarely have new kids in school. As we were driving through thown, I was immersed in this new area and it was so cool! They even had a boarding school called Westminster in the town that is gargantuan. It looks like it should be a college.

I was there for five days and not for one second was I ever feeling insipid. We rode our bikes into town one day, and then around town. And since I had not been on a bike in like seven years I got kudos for that. We even went to Six Flags, inMassachusetts one day. It was so much fun because it was an amusement park and a water park. By the time we were ready to come home though, we were so languid that that evening we were indolent and just watched TV. I had so much fun with Michele that it was really hard to say goodbye to her again, since I knew I would not see her for a long time. I had hoped to go visit her again this past summer, but I had knee surgery so I wasn’t able to go. She visits Pittsburghe very once in a while because her sister goes to college at Slippery Rock University. But I still miss her greatly. She is shuch a great friend and person, and I will always have those memories.