Everybody Has Something To Love

Robert - Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
Entered on October 28, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

I love music. But it took me almost fifteen years to discover my true love of guitar. And it was not until two years after that that I really defined my musical tastes, rather, expanded upon them. And I imagine that if I had bought my first guitar at a different time that I would have eventually ended up with the same musical tastes as I do right now. The sad part about this entire musical adventure is that I never thought I was any good. I thought I was terrible, but I loved just holding the guitar. When I recently played for a crowd of people (my family) was when I first realized how good I actually was. I blew my own mind when I recorded my first song on my computer listened to it. I believe that everyone has some endowment, whether they realize it or not. Eventually the people around you will open your own eyes to let you recognize your talent.

If you hate to play soccer, you will never get any better at it because you will not have the will to do so. But if you love something more than anything, you will progress. I believe that it takes time and practice to develop a skill, and everyone has a particular something that they will chose to do over anything else. I do not believe it is a matter of instinct or a matter of conditioning. I believe it’s a matter of desire. If someone wants an item bad enough, they will work hard enough to win. This theory applies to skills. I wanted to learn how to play guitar so I practiced for hours upon hours, and I succeeded.

And some people may never realize their skill until they are older. Some have a unnatural talent at birth. But everyone has something that they do more than anything and are able to show this ‘something’ off to their friends and family. I had no idea I would succeed in music. Practice from desire paid off.