I believe that fake smiles are not acceptable

Aliya - Orem, Utah
Entered on October 28, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: integrity

Have you ever been in Barbie World? I haven’t, but I often meet people from there — people with fake smiles. People say that a smile makes everybody around a person happy. Well, maybe it is true for a real, sincere smile, but fake smiles don’t make my day; they make me want to ask people if they just have a face lift?

When a person is in a good mood and just wants to smile, that is what really makes my day because I see this sincere smile that is like the sun on a cloudy day; but when I see a person who just stuck on a smiley face expression, it is not sun, it is more like a cheap flashlight. Why fake something, especially a smile? Forgery is pointless, and people can tell when it is not real.

It is a common sense that we like more people who are smiling. Don’t confuse a smile with a grimace, and that is exactly what a fake smile is. Fake smiles are like a lie to others and yourself. When a person fakes it or forces it, he or she is trying to hide his or her real side. Forget it! Everybody has something to cry about, so if person wants to cry – go ahead and cry, don’t put on a “happy face”. Faking a smile is like lying to people; it has something two faced about it. I don’t like liars and two faced people, so why should I like people with insincere smiles?

I do have my insincere smile. It is my “camera smile.” You know, when somebody is taking a picture and tells me “smile for the camera,” I automatically put on this Hollywood smile. I notice that pictures where I smile naturally because I am happy, look much nicer. The same applies to other people. When I see somebody smiling for real, it looks much nicer than when they give me an unnatural smile. Some people when they pass me by, smile like I am paparazzi who is trying to take their picture.

I think people should understand that a smile is not a responsibility, or work that we are required to do, it is an emotion that we show when we want to. If a person doesn’t want to smile, just don’t. The fact that somebody doesn’t smile all the time, doesn’t make this person bad or not friendly; it just shows that this person is a human. We are not robots and so we are not born with a “happy program” in us. Everybody has bad days, so we can be selfish sometimes and not try to make everybody around us happy with our Hollywood smiles.

I truly believe that we all need to smile only when we really want to. We are not plastic dolls. We don’t need to have the same expression all the time. Nobody wants a fake smile; nobody wants anything fake. I believe a sincere smile is the best thing you can give to other people, a fake smile is the worst.