Early School

Evan - Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
Entered on October 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that high school and middle school should start at a later time. With most school buses coming around 6:50 AM and school starting at 7:15 AM, students are forced to wake up extremely early. I don’t see any reason that high school and middle school students, people who need the most sleep, have to get up so early.

There have been many times in my middle school and high school careers where I have not been able to concentrate or fallen asleep in class because of my lack of sleep. If I didn’t have to get up so early, I would be able to sleep in longer and also get ready faster in the morning. When I have to wake up early, I am slower to get ready, and I am like a zombie. I can’t think straight in the morning, and it takes me a much longer time than usual to do simple things such as take a shower, get dressed, eat, and brush my teeth.

Falling asleep in class is almost always a bad thing, and it happens much too often. The worst part is that the students aren’t trying to fall asleep, but that they simply cannot stay awake. Also, even if you are awake, it is very hard to concentrate and learn when you don’t have a good night’s rest. It is much easier to learn when you are fresh and awake rather than when you are sleep deprived.

I don’t see why school can’t start at 9:00 AM like most jobs. It would make more sense to have school start then because it would prepare you for your jobs. In addition, most college classes start even later, which must be a student coming out of high school’s dream. I know that I would certainly enjoy that.

The change for this would be easy. Middle school and high school could just switch their times with elementary school. The extra sleep would help every student, and make many students happier. It would also prepare students more for when they have to go out and get a job.