This I Believe Essay

Joshua - Park Hills, Missouri
Entered on October 28, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

My belief, and I am very adamant about this, is that no matter what you can count on your family and friends for support in your time of need, like the time I am going to write about will prove. I guaranty you will see things from my point of view.

When I was young, back in California, I had it all friends, family, money, a big house, I was happy as can be. But then one night an electrical fire took it all away. After the fire my family and I were bouncing from one shelter to another, left and right we were being turned down for loans, forced out of shelters, held back from school, and even forced to live in our car, do you now how it feels for four people to live in the same car. But I digress, all that could go wrong did, and I couldn’t do anything about it. Eventually my moms support and optimism became the only thing keeping us going. Back then my mom was the only roll model I had and I looked up to her. She always kept a cool, level head, and good spirits. But whether she knew or not, we could tell she was just bottling up all the pain and stress inside.

But eventually we saved up enough money to start renting an apartment, this was only temporary, but it was better then living in the streets. After we lived, moving from apartment to apartment for about 1-2 years, we finally got settled at a quant little apartment building with a pool, and a sun tanning section sectioned off at the top left corner of the 2nd floor Supplies and Leisure Store. We were able to live there until my sister turned eleven, then my mom became worried about the gangs, violence, lynching, and other crimes. Do to the fact that my sister was beginning to start the 6th grade and that’s when the gangs start forming. So to avoid that we packed up and moved here, we thought we were home free but we were wrong. The bus got held up in the dessert and we lost all our money. So by the time we got to Park Hills we had no money to rent an apartment, house, or anything.

But that’s when my mom remembered that her sister, her sister’s husband, and there 3 children (all of which are over thirty) lived there in Park Hills. We called them and they took us in and let us stay there until we were back on our feet. That shows that your family and friends will always be there for you. After they took us in and my brother and I, who had never met Aunt Vicky or Uncle Larry, got to know our uncle, aunt, and cousins, and we became friends with all of them.