How time ruins my life for school

Brock - Park Hills, Missouri
Entered on October 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Time ruins my life for school because it’s too early and I have to take a shower, get ready, eat, and then I have to walk to school before school starts. I always get tardy in my first hour class. Every time I get to school I get there late and it causes me to get tardy in that class. I try to prove my teacher Mrs. Patterson wrong, by telling her that I won’t be tardy at all first hour for the first quarter. We made a bet that if I don’t she has to buy me a soda but if I do get tardy then I have to buy her a soda. Turns out that I have to buy her a soda because I woke up to late and kept getting to school late.

I tried telling her that it was my sister’s fault that I got tardy. Now that school starts early I have to get up earlier and do all the stuff before school starts. Usually when I get to my 1st hour and the teacher takes roll, they call me up to the office. When I start to walk out I look at Mrs. Patterson and she is smiling because she knows it’s because of my tardy. Right now, I am a junior and I haven’t proved her wrong yet but before this year is over I will show her I can be here on time and not be tardy everyday 1st hour. I’m going to wake up earlier and take a shower, get ready, eat, and then I can leave earlier and be at school before the bell rings. I will wake up earlier and get to school just so I can prove my first hour teachers wrong. Because then they can’t gripe at me for being tardy everyday.

By not following my old footsteps I won’t get in trouble because I won’t be getting tardy in first hour every morning because I will be getting there earlier. Mrs. Patterson probably thinks that I can’t do it. I will prove her wrong from now on. I’m going to wake up earlier and do everything earlier so I can leave earlier. By showing Mrs. Patterson wrong that will make me do better in school because I won’t get in trouble. This year I am going to avoid getting in trouble. I have done good this whole year I haven’t got a write up. I have been doing well this year in all my classes and I planned on doing my best this school year and next year