Freedom And my honda

Chris - parkhills, Missouri
Entered on October 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: freedom

Freedom & My Honda

Freedom, the first thing that you would think of as a U.S citizen is freedom.

Every one wants to be free why do you think people that live in other countries want to come over here so bad it’s because we are free. The government is getting tighter and tighter on everything. The way things are done know and the way it used to be are totally different. Know days money is everything to everyone there is nothing greater than money but you have to do so much to make it that its nuts. By the time you get paid your money is gone on bills, taxes, or to the war and most people don’t even want the war going on!!! Whatever happened to being free if you have to work all day or all night you never get any time to yourself or to spend good times with friends and family? I mean yea we get all weekend but most adults just sit around home sleeping, or watching TV.

What kind of freedom is that if you work your self to death just to do something fun? I mean what in the heck does the government do to be so wealthy and have time to go play golf all day sit in their big nice comfy chair and collect money. All the U.S citizens work all year around and give millions of taxes to the government for what for them to put all of our troops, and army solders to war? Being free means different things to different people like some people just go fishing to be alone and free from everything.

Kind of like my Honda cr125 when I am riding nobody will ever get me off my bike. When I am riding I feel free from everything I can think bout what I want and do whatever. If I could I would ride all day and night but that means that I would have to give up my freedom because I have to work to get money for gas which is too expensive. I just want to live in peace and be free from all! When I am riding that’s what I am doing I become a part of the bike its self me and my bike are one.

But just so you know the bike I ride is not slow its got a fatty pipe on it, a wiseco piston, new clutches, and just a bunch of different little stuff done to it. The faster I go the more I feel free from everything. Another thing that makes me feel even free while I am riding is listening to the kottonmouth kings.