The Freedom That Nature Allows

Joel - Wexford, Pennsylvania
Entered on October 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: nature

This I Believe

The Freedom that Nature allows

Whenever I am stressed out or even want to relax, I go and sit in the tranquility of the woods. There, I can organize my thoughts or even forget anything that was bothering me that day. To me the outdoors is like a sanctuary, a place where nature and humans truly become one. There are days in which I can close my eyes and listen as nature speaks to me, there are the birds, always bickering, and the gentle breeze, whistling a happy tune. All of these elements combine in the woods to remind me that this is the true meaning of freedom, not control of the government or some other definition. I believe that natural freedom is in all of us and can best be brought out through nature. But for the most effective way to take in all the freedom through the mind and soul is sitting next to a stream or creek.

This experience is something that cannot be fully captured by words. The amount of life that flourishes around such a wonderful blending of water and earth is incredible. The way the sound of water engulfs negative thoughts and crushes them beneath the thoughts of free life and happiness. The gurgling corners, fast moving straights, all combined with mini waterfalls of crystal clear water are, I think, one of the most beautiful images and person can see or even imagine. It is the essence of peace. It is a setting that reminds me that my freedom cannot be taken from me.

Here in this serene place of nature’s finest making, I am free from the harsh world filled with lies and oppression. I wish that I could show those who have not experienced this little corner in the woods which only I know and can fully appreciate. I do not know if I should keep it a secret, or allow others to share in my personal freedom. It’s a hard thing to put into words but when I go anywhere that I am away from the boundaries of everyday life, I grow a little more as a human being.