Mistakes Upon a Time

Vivienne - Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
Entered on October 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Have you ever wanted to go back in time and change something? I assume almost everyone has. There have been embarrassing situations that I wish could have happened differently or not at all. Other times, I have done something that I regret deeply and hope it was just a figment of my wild imagination when I wake up, but the memories apparently will haunt me, forever popping up in my mind when I least need to be reminded. One thing is obvious; I can’t alter the past. However, I can make certain that I don’t make the same mistake as the last time.

I believe in learning from my past mistakes, so not to make a fool of myself later on. The past can crawl up behind a person and shock them like an overly sour lemon. People can make the same mistakes over and over again until they finally become aware of their error and correct it for the next time.

From the all important government officials to struggling students doing their homework, they all have something in common. I realize that they both have to make sure not to repeat their past mistakes, whether another person from long ago in history made it prior to their birth, or from their previous homework assignment, so not to fail their math test, or not to make a massive error that could result in the death millions of people. Mistakes are apart of life, so you might as well learn from them.

Now, I know everyone has had an embarrassing moment in their life about something they said or what they did, a time where they just wanted to become invisible and creep away in humiliation. Well, I have a friend who had an awkward moment in school not too long ago. During gym class, they were playing football when the ball smacked her right in the face. Ouch! Nevertheless, what was worse was the fact that it came after her yet again, this time not at her face.

What did we learn that day? She learned to be wary of flying footballs and any flying objects. I discovered that a nose can’t be broken so easily and to learn from my past mistakes and to not to stand around waiting for flying objects to hit me in the face as they did her.