chris - wexfrod, Pennsylvania
Entered on October 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks


I was at ultimate Frisbee practice and while I was getting a drink from the water fountain in the middle school I saw a big kid showing more enmity towards another, smaller, kid. I walked over to them and asked what was going on, the bigger kid replied “nothing” and just walked away. I thought to myself why would one kids pick on another , and how this acrimony could be prevented.

I really cannot understand why one kid would pick on another. Maybe the bully is having a hard time at home and he does not know who to talk to so he expresses some of his feeling thorough bullying smaller kids. Another reason may be because he does not really fit in with all of his class mates at school and tries to feel better about himself by deprecating other. One more reason I can think of why a student would bully another is that the bully might not be so smart, and other kids tease him during school, so after he picks on others to make him feel better. No matter what though it still is abysmal and schools are doing a lot to crack down on bullying, but I still think there could be more don’t to alleviate this problem.

Some things in my opinion on how to prevent bullying would be to have a poster of different types of bullying and the consequences listed nest to them. If a teacher witnesses an incessant bullying he should first ask both of the kids if they know each other and if they are just fooling around. Then if they are not they the teacher should take them down to the office, call in both of their parents, and then they should all choose a worthy punishment.

Another way to crack down on bullying is that there could be more teachers at after school events or just staying after. Most kids get bullied after school where they do not think there are teachers watching, and they are right. Most teachers just leave and that causes bully’s to realize that they can get away with it while nobody watches. I believe schools are becoming better at mitigation abuse at school, but it still happens. Bullying is definitely an insidious problem that should be eradicated.