Never let a Popsicle Melt

Rebecca - Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
Entered on October 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Never let a Popsicle Melt

I believe that nobody should ever let a popsicle melt. I also know that everybody has. Whether you are four or forty, you have sat on somebody’s porch on a hot day watching your popsicle melt. A few days or weeks or months later, you think “Wow, I wish I had that popsicle back.” Luckily, the longing is not hard to fix. It is easy to go to the freezer and pick out a popsicle. In life, though, it is not always easy to go get another popsicle.

Letting a popsicle melt can have many meanings. It is like a diamond with many facets. Letting a popsicle melt translates to letting an opportunity pass. Opportunities come in many shapes and sizes. There are job opportunities, friend opportunities, school opportunities, and millions of other opportunities. Opportunities are all around you and they can change your life.

One opportunity I’m glad that I didn’t pass up was the Downtown Vibrancy Project. The Downtown Vibrancy Project is a program that lets the youth of the city of Pittsburgh learn about a section of the city and present ideas for how to renovate it. A student from our school needed to participate, and I volunteered. All I needed to do was raise my hand, and I got an experience that I won’t forget. The program was an amazing experience. I spent the week of the camp talking to locals, exploring downtown, creating ideas to renovate downtown, and sampling the (FREE!) cuisine. The most interesting part was that we presented our ideas for improving downtown to people who could change the city. They used our ideas, and the ideas became realities. We changed our city by learning, listening, and speaking. And people listened to what we had to say. That does not happen every day.

I believe that nobody should ever let a popsicle melt because that popsicle can change your life. I changed my city by volunteering to participate in a program. All I had to do was raise my hand. A simple action can change the world, but you have to embrace every opportunity thrown at you. Will you embrace it?