God Does Not Exist

Caeli - Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
Entered on October 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that God does not exist. People look down on me scornfully and argue with me over this all the time. But, this is what I believe because of the life I have lived.

When I was five, my parents separated, and eventually got divorced. Since then I have experienced severe clinical depression and many difficult family situations.

My grandfather died the same month my parens separated, and my grandmother, whom I was closest to out of everyone in my family, died of cancer that same month eight years later.

If there were a God, what reasons would He have for making an adolescent girl suffer through such instances? Why would innocent babies die? Why would such a large proportion of the world suffer from starvation and disease?

People that do believe in God tell me that He controls such things, and makes them happen in order to teach humans a lesson, or that He has a reason for it. But “believers” also tell me that God does not approve of murder, so why then, would He kill innocent people in order to prove something to the guilty? It is because of this, that I believe the “God” which some people believe in must simply be hypocrisy. Because murder is what peopl say He has told humans not to do, therefore, why should anyone else have the right to murder? They shouldn’t. We cannot kill, according to God, so what right does He have to kill in order to prove something to us?

I have also been told that the instances in the Bible prove the existence of God. But the Bible was written by different men, therefore, anyone of them or all of them could have created a supernatural to believe in, for the sake of having someone to blame unfavorable circumstances on, and someone or “lean on” in this world.

Because of my life, the hurt that has occurred in it, and the hurt in the rest of the world, I do not think God exists If God is as perfect as people believe him to be, he would not let the hurt that occurs to continue, because ofthis, I believe that God does not exist.