School is TOOOOO Early

Scott - Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
Entered on October 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

School is TOOOOO Early

Buzz. Ring. “Welcome to 961 kiss the morning show with Mikey and Bob”. These might be familiar noises that one would hear when their alarm goes off at the crack of bloody dawn. For me it goes off at 6:15 in the morning so I can get ready for school. School starts at 7:20 am and for me and most of my peers this is way too early. This is why I believe that school should start at 8:20 for students to receive an extra hour of sleep.

School starts way too early for people to function when they get to school. The waking up so early causes students to fall asleep in class or to not pay attention during lectures. I know that I cannot function this early and that it is partly why my first period class grade is low. My peers and I are constantly reminded to pick up our heads during class or to pay attention.

Another reason that school shouldn’t start so early is because sleep issues the average amount of sleep that a teenager or adolescent should be getting is seven to eight hours. This is very hard to receive when one must wake up so early. One might argue that the student should go to sleep earlier, but when the student has hours upon hours of homework it is quite hard to get to sleep at a reasonable hour. I suffer from severe migraine headaches and I must receive a lot of sleep in order to reduce the amount and severity of the migraines. So I am forced to go to sleep earlier causing me not to finish or complete with correctness my homework.

A third reason of why school shouldn’t start so early is because student drivers who don’t get enough sleep are not at there peek of alertness when driving in to the highly crowded areas in our parking lots. This year there have already been a number of accidents involving student and parent drivers as well as innocent bystanders. One of my best friend’s older sister had her foot run over by a parent driver. This number of accidents could be drastically reduced by delaying the start of school.

One must see why the start of school should be delayed because of these reasons. This belief is just one of the many that can improve our school. But to setback the start of school is where we should start.