Hyping-Up A Challenge

Peter - Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
Entered on October 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

I believe that challenges are difficult if one allows it to become difficult. My belief was formed 8 years ago as a timid 7 year old boy standing in line amidst my first of many haunted houses. It was a late October night and the cold stung my cheeks. It was only eight o’clock, but in my mind it was pitch darkness. Just standing near the creepy, abandoned building was enough to make me sick to my stomach in fear. Worse, loud noises of chain saws could be heard from the inside. I tried to mask my fear in front of my family, but that didn’t work for they knew better than anyone else. Excitement and anticipation could be felt in the air, but it must have gone right through me like a ghost for I cringed in fear as we crept ever so closer to the front gate. I tried to force myself not to let go of my ticket in some weird hope that I would not have to enter, but the witch at the front was much stronger than I. My hands were shaking. Seeking protection, I wrapped my mother’s coat around; this would be my safety net for the rest of journey. We stepped into the surrounding black of the house.

I do not remember much of the trip through the house or what scared me the most, but what I do remember is the satisfactory grin across my face. This grin symbolized, to me, the foolishness I hyped-up the challenges of making it to the end seem impossible. In my mind, I was more terrified than I actually needed to be. I did not die. I did not crawl out of my skin. I survived and even enjoyed the experience in the strangest way.

Everyone has fears of what’s to come or obstacles they’ll have to face, but allowing one self to obsess over these challenges is only making them into more of a nightmare. Challenges that paralyzed us are usually created by us. If we could all learn to not entrap ourselves in ourselves, we could all overcome the worst of challenges that face us.