I Believe in Peanut Butter and Jelly

Megan - Sayreville, New Jersey
Entered on October 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Have you ever wondered what makes a peanut butter and jelly sandwich so good? Could it be the sweet taste of the fruity jelly (preferably grape in my case)? Or is it the smooth, creamy texture of the peanut butter? Actually, it is both of these reasons. The classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich is so appetizing because it is made up of two very different ingredients. Those two ingredients work together, despite their differences, to create something that is greater than each on their own.

I’ve observed this concept in real life as well.

My cousin and best friend, Lanie, and I are complete opposites. She’s tall to my short. I’m brunette to her blonde. She always has a natural tan. I’m white as a ghost. Her eyes match the color of Caribbean, while mine are precisely the color of milk chocolate. I’m clumsy and spastic, whereas Lanie is a great athlete. When it comes to dancing, she is at a dead end, while I can whip out a pirouette like it’s the easiest thing in the world. She is much more outgoing, while I tend to be a little more shy and reserved. I could go on and on for pages about our differences, but despite them, we are still best friends.

Lanie and I are two separate people, but put us together and we become two bodies sharing one mind. We become a dynamic duo, an inseparable pair, something much greater than when we are not together. When there is only one of us, half the sandwich is missing. It’s like having a peanut butter sandwich with no jelly. Or even worse, a jelly sandwich with no peanut butter. We complete each other—I bring out the best in her and she brings out the best in me. We are a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

The concept of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich proves that two different things can work together to form something extraordinary. What would happen to the country if the Senate and the House of Representatives never contradicted each other every once in awhile? If John Lennon and Paul McCartney had been exactly the same, would The Beatles have been so successful? And if Lanie and I were carbon copies of each other, wouldn’t things get extremely boring? Opposites attract, and bring out the best in each other. I believe in peanut butter and jelly.