Falling Makes Us Strong

Lisette - Dominican Republic
Entered on October 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Have you ever felt like you’ve grown after something goes wrong? Those mishaps we face today are what give us the opportunity to learn new things in life. The interest we have on things makes us explore. Even if the outcome is negative, it will always turn out to be positive in the end. This is depending on how the matter is handled. Past experiences have led me to believe that without pain there is no gain, and the more pain we go through the stronger we become.

Most people feel fear of failure before experimenting new things. This also applies to me, because I feel this way whenever I’m going to try something new. However, I know I will attain more useful knowledge if I don’t succeed on my first try. If this happens, not only will I know what to do in similar situations in the future, but I will also have grown stronger and more mature.

Horseback riding has been a passion I’ve had since my early years. During these long years of practice, I’ve had several different horses, and with each one I’ve had a different bond. They’ve all made me go through a lot of stress and frustration, and it definitely hasn’t been the smoothest of journeys.

My last two horses have been the most influential in my life. One of them was too “green” when I started riding him. He was too young and wild, and so was I. I went through some very difficult moments with him. I fell not just literally, but also emotionally. All the stress of getting things done wrong was slowly breaking me down. As I got older, I learned how to control him and things started going better. It wasn’t long before something else went wrong. On a check-up, the vet told us he’d developed a problem on his front-leg tendons. He had to be heavily medicated in order to last through the long and tiring competitions. His condition affected my results, and I worked harder every day and tried to improve. At year’s end, we had to retire him and send him to a farm due to the heavy load of work he was doing. Every obstacle I had to go through with this horse made me emotionally stronger for my next one. It started out perfectly until we were told this horse also had a problem. This time I was prepared for whatever life would send to my door.

This experience served as reinforcement to my belief about growing strong after falling. Occurrences like this have prepared me for life itself and have made me grow stronger. No matter how terrible it went, I ended up gaining more than what I lost. I gained knowledge, strength, and experience, when all I lost were a few competitions.