Dreams can fall

Katie - gibsonia, Pennsylvania
Entered on October 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

My head pounded. My throat clenched. How in the world would I get my work done by tonight? How could I of been so stupid to put things off for so long?! Dreams of going to the University of North Carolina are gone. That plan of majoring in pre-med are crushed. I tried desperately to work through my piles of books and homework, thing to myself I’ll lose points, resulting in a bad grade, resulting in attendance of a lousy college. I believe that structured plans for the future are a basis for disappointment. Fate is contained in every situation.

Some may think that’s dramatic, but my perfectly sketched future suddenly seemed distant and untouchable. I longed for UNC apparel and whispers of my achievement. My parents insured I had faultered, but my dreams had not gone into a black hole forever. They told me to learn from this mistake. Many of my motivations for the things I do, are based on goals, I have set up ahead. I’ve made and broken goals. I’ve experienced the exhilaration of accomplishment, and the depression of let down.

From this case I learned that whatever was destined for me will play out. If plans for UNC Chapel Hill fall through, I’ll experiencde college on another campus. College lasts four years in which I will recieve an education wherever I am located. Many fail at those long awaited and strived dreams; gymnasts in the Olympics are an example. They work they’re whole lives in order to compete for eight spots, failure will come upon more than it will not.

Let downs come with almost everything, possible failure is always available to show up. It’s just how you make of the situation, and how you come out of it, head held high or low. For so long up until that point, and even during and after, I’ll admit, my dreams and goals rested on those admission officers. My mind replaying my mother’s words to her friend, “I just do not know what we will do if she does not get in to UNC.” But at one point a little while after my break down, I realized that if maybe this situation doesn’t go my way, another one will. If my medicine degree is not supplied at the University it will be somewhere else. I will end up where I am suppose to be.