Lucky To Be Me

Kealy - Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
Entered on October 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Rainbows: they can be some of the most beautiful things on this earth with those radiant colors reflecting off the raindrops. Everyone stops to take in the moment of this natural beauty, but what they don’t realize is how lucky they are. There are many people who are color-blind or completely blind and they cannot see the magnificent colors that make up a rainbow; they have never gotten the chance to experience its beauty. I believe that people should appreciate what they have, such as the ability to see everything, and nobody should take anything for granted.

My little sister always borrows my clothes and there was one time when she needed to borrow a sweater from me. I asked her what was wrong with the one that she had and she said that she thought the color of the sweater was yucky and gross. The sweater was brown, but why should it matter. She should be grateful that she has a warm sweater at all. There are plenty of people who would love to have that “yucky” brown sweater. Also there are people who would be grateful to see the color of this “gross” sweater. Following this belief allows me to experience life at its fullest.

Appreciating everything I have is taking in the moment every day. Every fall all the leaves change colors, and I just take a few minutes to look out into the woods, feel the breeze and smell the air. A moment like that does not last forever, so everyone should take in every moment while they can. Even things like school should be appreciated more because some kids do not have the opportunity to get an education. Kids who do go to school complain all the time, but there are plenty of kids who would die to go to school. We are lucky with everything that was given to us, and we need to take in every moment of it.

Also, appreciating everything gives me the chance to live life at its fullest. I know that I can appreciate anything and everything wherever I go, and therefore I always have a positive attitude towards everything which makes everyone’s day a little brighter. Being positive and happy allows me to live my life at the fullest. I can do almost anything in the world and be grateful for that ability so that I can be happy about whatever I am doing.

My grandfather was color-blind. He did not get to see the world like I do. He never had that ability, but I bet he was still thankful for the things he could do and the things that he had. I feel so lucky to see everything as it really is, and I feel sorry for those who are less fortunate than me. I am just so glad that I can see a rainbow and cherish the very moment of it.