Happiness Starts with Being Yourself

Tara - Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
Entered on October 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: pleasure

I believe that you should not care about what other people think, and if you are having fun and being yourself, then that’s all that matters. Last spring, my friend Natalie came home from school with me one Friday. We are huge Pittsburgh Penguins fans, and we were super pumped for their big playoff game that night. But with all that energy, we had a hard time deciding what to do for the next four hours before the game. So Natalie, my younger sister, Tess, and I decided to have an outside photo shoot. We dressed up in absolutely ridiculous outfits and grabbed the camera. We sat in the front yard, striking various poses, as cars drove by staring in awe and shock. Our neighbors also looked extremely confused. But the whole time, we could not stop laughing. We were having such a good time that it didn’t even matter. And to this day, we still have the pictures and laugh every time we look at them, remembering what idiots we must have looked like.

Today, everyone is always worrying about what other people think about them. “What will they think if I wear this?!” Or “Will they laugh when they find out what I did?!” are questions that often pop into our minds. What people don’t realize is that when you always do what you think other people will approve of, then you’re not being yourself. Not being yourself is something like wearing an outfit that isn’t your style. You often feel uncomfortable and self conscious. So why force yourself to be something you’re not, just for the approval of other people?

When I am being myself and not constantly worrying about what the people around me are thinking, that’s often when I’m having the most fun. When I’m acting crazy with my friends, I can later look back on those times and honestly say, “Wow, I truly had a good time and I really would like to do that again!” I have never regretted any of the silly things that we have done, no matter how embarrassing they were. High school is often a crazy, insane place, but when you are having fun and being yourself, you will find it is way less stressful and a ton more enjoyable.