Less and Less

Anneliese - Gibsonia, Pennsylvania
Entered on October 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: environment

Have you ever wondered where our heat, light, electricity, and so on comes from? It comes from an energy source called “fossil fuel”. This “fossil fuel” is made up of natural gases and minerals that come from the ground that we as humans have to dig up. This fuel is very limited and there is only so much that we can get to. As we use these fuels, there becomes less and less that we will have for the future. I believe that we should find an alternative to the natural fuel that is becoming so scarce.

The fossil fuels that we have right now are coming from a limited supply and that supply keeps getting drained. When one supply is gone we move onto the next supplier and this will keep happening until we have no more left to use. Some fossil fuels are buried deep below the earth’s core and some is buried deep below the sea, so most of the fuels are unattainable.

There are many different products that we as humans can come up with. We could use things that are plentiful, like corn, peas, and other natural grown substances that we can keep getting more of. If we keep using these fossil fuels and not coming up with an alternative, what will our children and our children’s children do? It might not be affecting us now but in 5 or 10 years it will be.

Since there is so little of the fossil fuels left the price of it will keep sky rocketing. Then when it gets to pricey for anyone to afford we will have no way of providing heat, light, electricity, and we will have no way to get from place to place fast.

Our government and oil companies are spending money to get these fossil fuels out of the ground when they should be spending that money on making alternative fuels that are man-made.

I believe that if we keep using these fossil fuels, there will be none left for the future public to use and if we don’t have an alternative to those fossil fuels, then the future public will be in harm. So we should stop putting our hard earned money towards getting the fossil fuels from the ground, and put it towards making alternative fuels.