I beleive everyone is equal

Ashley - remer, Minnesota
Entered on October 27, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: equality

This I believe

I believe that all people are equal. No human is better or worse than the next. Skin color shouldn’t matter. Saying a white is better than a black man or Native American is like saying green is better or worse then yellow or blue. All colors have their need and their place on earth. Think of the world without green for beautiful grass and leaves; or the world without yellow or blue for sun and amazing ocean waters. The world missing one of its races is like a rainbow missing one of its colors.

I believe that all people are equal. Even though men are built physically stronger I believe women can do many things men can. Same goes for men doing women’s jobs. Societies have given a false representative about what men and women should do. This, in turn, causes us to believe its unnatural when we see a male nurse or a female body builder. Not all people can possibly live up to these outrages ideals.

So this is why I believe all people are equal. Look past color and societies false ideals. No man is better or worse than any women. No color is more or less important than the next. It takes all colors together to make a better rainbow and it takes all people together to make a better world.